ECAVI Health Education Programme

ECAVI offers a wide range of highly customized and relevant health educational talks, each structured as one hour talks. They involve a thirty minute expert presentation, followed by a 20-30 minutes question and answer question. These talks can be held in the premises of any organization, preferably early morning before work starts or during lunch break.

Health education and promotion is a key component in preventing common illnesses and diseases, and this pillar of ECAVI strongly complements the actual vaccine programme in preventing illnesses and death due to vaccine preventable diseases. These Health education tracts are structured to fit in and meet the individualized needs of a given organization.

The following are the tracts covered in the different sessions:

1. Cervical Cancer Screening, Pap Smear, and Vaccination
2. Vaccines for Children not on the routine immunization schedule
3. Travel and Vaccines (including Yellow fever vaccines)
4. Dealing with Reactions to immunization/vaccines at home
5. Parents/Caretakers First Aid training for common household injuries to children
6. House helps/keepers First Aid training for common household injuries to children
7. FirstAid training at the place of work
8. Stress management at the place of work
9. Vaccination and prevention of Hepatitis B
10. Vaccines for adults and elderly
11. Emergency medicine to keep in the home
12. Accidental poisoning at home and in the work place – what every parent needs to know

Each of these talks involves an expert presentation on any of the tracts, of interest to your organization or company. The presentation lasts 30 minutes, and then followed by a 20-30 minutes question and answer session. Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials on each of the talks are provided free of charge by ECAVI team.

Your organization can contribute to health education and promotion and knowledge for your staff, by sponsoring any one of these educational sessions at your premises.
As an organization, you can help in the fight against cervical cancer among your female employees; same to hepatitis or stress at the place of work. A healthy work team improves productivity. If your employees have healthy children at home, they are better placed to be more focused and to give their best focus and commitment at the work place.

The First Aid training includes demonstration on how to offer resuscitation and immediate help in times of accidents at home or at work place, and the special tract for house helps can be arranged for staff that have house helps to invite them to attend and be educated.

To find out more about these educational talks, and how your organization or company can benefit, please sent an email to

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